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اخر الاخبار

Over 28 years

of long experience in the industry of aluminium manufacture and casting

Our vision

Providing a new concept in the field of aluminum manufacturing through high quality world-class design and production that present unique products adding a practical value and an aesthetic touch to any building or construction. We also respect our role and responsibility towards the community as a pioneer company through sharing expertise and preparing the new generations for the progress of our dear country.

Our Heritage

The aesthetics of ancient architecture, perfected by today’s possibilities, to be adopted by future generations.

spreading Islamic Culture through core aluminum


All the designs, decorations and formations of Islamic art and architecture dating back to the The Umayyad Period and Fatimid and Ottoman eras are engraved in the minds of El Esraa Co personnel. When El Esraa Co found itself in a position as one of the bearers of this great tradition and art in our country, it assumed the responsibility of spreading Islamic Culture through core aluminum. When aluminum jut windows came to light, all El Esraa Co personnel felt that a moment of admiration in the eyes of its clients was worth each drop of sweat exerted towards reaching this goal.


El  Esra is  distinguished  all over the world in manufacturing aluminum Mashrabiyas, which in the past could used to be fabricated only from core wood. Introducing aluminum as an alternative in this field was first received with great skepticism. However, El Esra accepted the challenge and managed to manipulate the core aluminum to unprecedented softness levels. Recently El  Esra could use it in manufacturing Islamic Mashrabiya windows which its clients regard as artistic paintings not just limited function valuable windows.  

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