Al-Esra Aluminum will become known as the house of expertise in providing integrated solutions in the field of Aluminum industry. Al-Esra Aluminum trade name will be branded as centers of excellence in the market for its superior quality, gained confidence and customer satisfaction locally in the region and internationally.

> To achieve vertical integration of the supply chain of subsidiaries
> Achieve horizontal proliferation to cover all parts of the Kingdom
> Internal and external alliances that ensure our accelerated growth rate
> to maintain the social responsibility and public interest, are the most important priorities for us
> Developing and maintaining employees for efficiency and loyalty to become the prevailing values

——— PROFILE ———

Since last twenty years it has been found that aluminium is commonly used in building industry. The reason is its matchless performance against weather conditions , high resistivity and several other factors which we consider as the advantages of the metal Aluminium.
We are the aluminium company in the region that can customize all your aluminium needs from our factory ensuring the finest product, manufacturing, assembling and installing. We design and manufacture different varieties of castings, handrails, gates, mashrabiyas according to the client’s requirement. Our 19 years long experience in the industry of aluminium fabrication and casting made us professionals and now we are able to cater from designing to the final product in your building with a professional class touch.
We are still upgrading and developing our facilities and resource for better future in this industry


● To lead the world market in the field of aluminum manufacturing and casting. 

● To make Al Esra company one of the greatest competitive companies in the internatonal markets and to be acknowledged globally as a well established consulting firm which presents its own unique expertise to the world and to add new items continuously ensuring expansion in vertical and horizontal directions i.e. multiplying the number of products and increasing the number of factories. 


The company’s activity is not only focused on designing and manufacturing a number of modern structural and artistic aluminum products, which have become an integral part of the modern architecture, but it also covers two areas: The first stage is concerned with aluminum casting used in décor works such as jut windows, handrails, gates and lighting poles and the second is for use in industrial fields such as spare parts and industrial accessories. A PLACE OF TRUST AND EXPERTISE Al Esra Co is not just a raw material or product supplier, it is your planning and executive consultant in all matters relevant to aluminum production and application. Therefore, coming to Al Esra Co does not necessarily mean you must bring a clear and specific order, but we encourage you to share with us your technical problems which we will advise on and give our utmost attention. Al Esra Co approaches any challenge by exploring it from all dimensions putting all our human resources to working on solving it. Our problem-solving 

model will not only present you with solutions but will also encourage your determination to use any aluminum product and develop your ideas and design. 


Aluminum is the central pivot of Al Esra Company’s work. Over the years, our employees and personnel have come closer and closer to knowing and understanding the nature of the raw material that we work with and discovering its capabilities and potential thus adding new creations to the company’s extensive product list. 


All the designs, decorations and formations of Islamic art and architecture dating back to the Fatimid and Ottoman eras are engraved in the minds of Al Esra Co personnel. When Al Esra Co found itself in a position as one of the bearers of this great tradition and art in our country, it assumed the responsibility of spreading Islamic Culture through core aluminum. When aluminum jut windows came to light, all Al Esra Co personnel felt that a moment of admiration in the eyes of its clients was worth each drop of sweat exerted towards reaching this goal. 


Contrary to other big names within the industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Al Esra Co has occupied, throughout the past years, a competitive position in other Middle Eastern markets. The company prioritizes among its ambitious future plans the importance multiplying its exporting capacity to all countries of the world. Al Esra Co thinks of its bright future as a given fact and this vision has been driven by nothing but solid figures and statistics. Moreover, its acceleration has become an incentive to exert more effort to claim its promising future. To achieve such future, every day is a step forwards 
whether through providing a new product to markets or adding new machines and structures to its ascending productive capacity. 



●  Executing, constructing, equipping a new specialized aluminum 

casting plant. 

●  Plant area: 30,000 MS. 

●  Estimated cost: SR 105,000,000. 

●  Expansion Production Capacity: 5000 ton per year.
●  Date of expansion commencement: 2017 a c 

●  All aluminum casting works whether through sand pouring, gravity or high pressure pouring to fulffil the company needs and to market the surplus. 


Although Al Esra is classified as a limited company, since the very beginning it did not adopt a solitary opinion approach but sought to gather all talents in different specializations and gave them the authority and space for creativity.  There is no doubt that by applying this governance approach which believes only in people of merit and
experience rather than acquaintances, Al Esra Co could reach its current position. 


LOYALTY TO OUR CLIENTS Since the very beginning, Al Esra Co has regarded the client as a partner who pushes it forward and inspires it to achieve progress. Al Esra Co is devoted to present modern innovations to our clients because they deserve the best. Al Esra Co’s list of clientele is diverse: individuals, companies, contractors, décor engineers, and we are always pleased and ready to expand this list. Our company spares no effort to gain the satisfaction of each client as we believe that yesterday’s clients are today’s ambassadors attesting to our quality work.


Throughout the past few years, Al Esra Co developed a group of over 200 engineers, and administrative and technical staff who form its most important assets. Due to their competence, efforts, persistence and innovations, the company was able to achieve its current success and supremacy. 


Al Esra Co is distinguished all over the world in manufacturing aluminum jut windows which in the past could used to be fabricated only from core wood. Introducing aluminum as an alternative in this field was first received with great skepticism. However, Al Esra Co accepted the challenge and managed to manipulate the core aluminum to
unprecedented softness levels. Recently Al Esra Co could use it in manufacturing Islamic jut windows which its clients regard as artistic paintings not just limited function valuable windows. 
Finally the multiplicity of Al Esra Co products granted it a tremendous production capacity and as a result the company was able to absorb and handle multiple requests from numerous clients at once. Accordingly, it not only acquired a good reputation related to accuracy and quality, but turned our clients into ambassadors recommending the company’s name to others confidently.