Al Esra Aluminium Factory 







Al-Esra Factory is the noblest factory of aluminum in Al Madinah Al Munawarah in particular and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in general. Al-Esra Factory was established in 1410 A.H. corresponding to 1990 on 500 square meters area with twenty two working staff of technician, worker and executive, managed by Mr.Ayman Matouk Samaren, the factory founder and Chairman. Begin with manufacturing of aluminum windows and doors, now and by the grace of Almighty God, Al-Esra Factory for Aluminum Manufacturing and casting is considered as one of largest specialized factories in aluminum manufacturing and casting field. The factory is distinguished with its domination in manufacturing of doors and Gates, Structural glazing facades, railing, lighting posts, oriel (Mashrabiyas) barriers, aluminum furniture, and customized products. In addition, the idea of manufacturing the aluminum external oriels (Mashrabiyas) instead of wood was created by the owner. Al-Esra factory has carried out by grace of Allah, the execution of more than three hundred fifty great projects in Al-Madinah Al-Munawara area and the Kingdoms other cities apart of minor projects. Al-Esra factory have become among the classified factories at the consultative offices for the execution of aluminum works and oriels (Mashrabiyas) for projects, this was by the grace of Allah, and then the available capabilities in the factory for execution of such works. The factory now is laid on an area of 15.000 square meters, prepared by all necessary equipment and trained employees in addition to engineering, marketing and administrative divisions based on new system copes with the needs of the international market.



Al Esra Factory is composed of eight main departments each of which is a standalone independent specialized plant for increasing the production and quality development. Together, they constitute an integrative process which aims to  provide a high quality final product. These departments are as follows: 


A division specialized in aluminum casting. The process beings with aluminum alloys smelting and pouring them into the products’ special moulds then cleaning them till they are ready to use in other phases. The casting methods are divided into 3 types: 

  • Pouring through using sand moulds 

  • Pouring through using steel moulds by the gravity method method 

  • Pouring through using steel moulds by the compression injection 

Filings and Moulds 

This department is distinguished by its programmed and original machines to fabricate all kinds of moulds used in the Smeltery department. 

Welding and Assembly 

This department is concerned with cutting, welding, assembling, sandpapering and grinding all casting products with their different types.



Products are painted using the powder coating for both ordinary and wooden types. 

Glass Windows and Walls This department is an independent factory where all the machines and specialized production lines are available for cutting, milling, and 

assembling all products and delivering them to the projects. 

Glass Department 

This department is equipped with an automatic production line to fabricate double glass and special glass for glass walls. This division provides the Windows Division with its needs. 

Research and Development 

Al Esra Co Research and Development Department is one of the most important departments and has one of the leading metal laboratories. It is through this department that Al Esra Co has become one of the few entities that possess the secrets of discovery and creativity. Al Esra Co Research and Development Department strives that all our products comply with strict standard specifications to insure the con- 

consistency of precision and quality. 

 Quality Accreditation 

Esra factory management undertakes the task of implementation of quality conforming to the requirements of ISO 2000: 9001 system. The factory also has a quality  insurance contract, which confirms that all activities are subject to good planning and control in order to ascertain the the customers` satisfaction. Al Esra Co holds a number of world quality certificates such as:  ISO 2000: 9001 


The factories of Al Esra Co extend over 15,000 ms and they are divided into production lines. In short, the production stages go through the following stages: 


Melting the raw materials using complex chemical and physical mechanisms as well as adding some components that elevate the efecacy of core aluminum in tolerance and formability and giving it some features to resist erosion and usage factors. Formation is the stage that determines the form of the product and prepares it for usage with minimal installation requirements using the most advanced machines and casting techniques. Decoration This is the stage that all our flagship décor products go through and is composed of all the small stages of carving, engraving and inlaying 

as to present the final product with its distinguished unique Arabic art
inspired form. Packing 
the purpose is protecting the product during manipulation and installation till the end of its use period. 


Following each production stage, Al Esra Co quality control department undertakes a thorough and strict check-up process. No piece of work is allowed to pass from one phase to the next without passing the precision test. Monitors are equipped with advanced electronic devices through which micro errors could be found in order to avoid them in the following phases and defective parts are tagged for disposal. All finished parts comply to strict standards which have given Al Esra Co its strong name amongst the greatest architecture consulting and contracting companies.


Al Esra Co is not a new comer to Saudi labor market and is proud to belong and to have established a name in this market which it considers as one of the factors  behind its success. Al Esra Co strives to repay this honor and to give back to its community by creating job opportunities and training the largest possible number of graduates to acquire the skills by which they can find numerous career opportunities nationally and abroad. Finally, Al Esra Co tries to help young people to establish their own small workshops and to prepare them for such important and sustainable developing industry.


Al Esra Co is the proud holder of all relevant environmental certifcation and has from the very start observed and respected the environment. We use only environment-friendly raw materials and are conscious of the environment when undertaking any treatments during all production phases.