It is in this spirit that i introduce Richard M

“Basically, Richards browse and exercises span 50 years, covering the aspects of atmospheric radiation, planetary atmospheres and you will exploration, results of polar ice towards the weather, remote sensing, and essentials out-of atmospheric physics and you can biochemistry. He’s produced many completely new contributions to them one to keeps for the-depth and you can large influences towards atmospheric and you can planetary sciences. This new speech off AGUs higher awardthe William Bowie Medalto Richard perhaps not just comprehends his a good contributions to help you standard geophysics and unselfish cooperation when you look at the search, but also metropolitan areas your regarding the category regarding an enthusiastic (inside the atmospheric chemistry). Goody to you.”


“I am honored as included among receiver of your own William Bowie Medal, such as for example because the lineup of users contains way too many well-known names, and that from private household members and you can colleagues just who have asked myself. In response, I do want to state what employment in the geophysics provides supposed to me.

“My very first find with atmospheric measurements is from inside the period away from 1942-1946, whenever my personal jobs was to take to model, high-height competitors and you will bombers. At the same airfield, meanwhile, Dobson and you can Maker have been and then make the pioneering measurements of water vapour about stratosphere. It had been my wartime enjoy one to led Gordon Sutherland to offer myself the ability to construct and travel a keen infrared solar power spectrometer to choose the complete quantity of water vapor on the stratosphere.

“From this works, We build welfare into the radiative transfer, climate designs, the affairs between moves and you can radiation, decimal spectroscopy, remote sensing that have infrared spectra, the brand new thermodynamics of your own mesosphere, and some most other subject areas that fit zero apparent development. A primary extension off my welfare came in 1954 when i assessed The fresh Physics of your own Entire world Mars by Grams. deVaucouleurs, I became an easy convert, and you can of that point towards I’ve removed an excellent desire when you look at the planetary atmospheres, principally those of the newest earthlike worlds, Mars and you can Venus.

“My personal passions was in fact every shaped before the start of Area Many years and you can through to the rapid increase in regulators financing to own World technology one to were only available in the newest later 1950s. You will find not ever been individually active in the large programs you to definitely define much of progressive geophysics and you can place physics. I wish to be able to say that, toward independence of preference I have had, might work possess inside specific huge construction, certain overriding mission, but in all honesty I was things of an effective dilettante, picking up fascinating topics and you may moving forward so you’re able to anybody else when things was done.

“I am able to allege you to definitely desire to own everything i have done, particularly, delight in an effective, mental process that integrates objectivity having innovation. All I have actually wished to create is actually medical browse, which is the way i was in fact lucky enough to blow my personal lifetime, and i am significantly thankful with the American Geophysical Relationship getting it identification you to could work has made some contribution to help you a great higher and extremely important occupation.”

Raymond Mask

The latest 1997 William Bowie Medal, offered by AGU to own outstanding efforts to fundamental geophysics and for unselfish venture inside lookup, is presented to Raymond Cover up at the AGU Spring season Conference Award Service on twenty-eight inside Baltimore.


“This new Bowie Medal ‘s the American Geophysical Unions highest prize honoring `a good contributions to simple geophysics and you will `unselfish venture from inside the browse. Ray Hides job abounds with quite a few examples of his important efforts along with his shot of brand new and you will stimulating suggestions, including with samples of their leaders and you will society provider. For more than 40 years, Ray has furnished the brand new geophysical community having a steady flow out-of the newest info and standard advances towards the a standard spectral range of information, also, and others, the basic hydrodynamics and you will magnetohydrodynamics out-of spinning liquids, geomagnetism, planetary magnetism, moves regarding Earths key, action regarding Earths rotation, additionally the personality of your atmosphere of your own Planet or other planets. Rays range of more than two hundred guides covers a remarkable directory of subjects about Earths key so you’re able to Jupiters High Reddish Location. Right here I will stress never assume all away from his of several success.